Who we are

i.  Most of our Clients keep counting on us after working for the first time.‚Äč

ii. What matters for MedPack is to build long term relationships with our customers,rather than just getting a contract signed.

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Our Mission
Is to be real partners for our clients,through our well chosen suppliers with:-
i. High quality machines.
ii. Excellent after sales support.

iii. Excellent Cost to High Quality.

Our Values

To achieve our values we select suppliers who have values of 

i. Quality   

ii. Reliability   

iii. Commitment 

Quality:Our philosophy is to carry out the projects with a high quality standard at Real Cost. The basis to achieve this are:

i. Consistent engineering design to avoid operating problems in installations that are often critical. 

ii. Project management focused on keeping high quality standards and to respect the delays agreed.

iii. Only high quality materials, equipment and labour are used in our projects.

iv. Documentation to comply with the highest pharmaceutical validation standards.

v. Allows our clients to improve the delays and to reduce the risks in their projects.

Reliability: Experience in the design and construction of  pharmaceutical installations.

Commitment:Aware of  the importance of  their projects for our clients, our commitment focuses on:

i. Respecting the dates for the agreed deadlines

ii. Carrying out the projects with the expected high quality which define us